2023 Telly Award 

I earned a 2023 Silver Telly Award - Non-Broadcast Student Film for a short film that I worked on, "Shh." I earned this award with my Visual Story course filmmaking team "Eleven Eleven Entertainment" from Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center. I was a writer, cameraman, prop manager, and lighting director on the project.

Me with my Telly Award!

My personal 2023 Silver Telly Award - Non-Broadcast 


Project Overview

In Shh, a mourning wife reflects on her time married to her husband, who has mysteriously disappeared.

This film was created from scratch in just under four weeks by me and four other teammates.

I worked on the writing, I did camerawork, I managed the props, and I worked on the lighting.

I was particularly happy with our creative shots including the shots from the body's perspective like the trunk closing and the dirt falling on top of the camera, which were my ideas. I was very proud of how this film turned out, especially since it was so different from our first film, Falling Flowers.


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