I started glassblowing in 2019 after  volunteering with the MIT Glass Lab for over ten years for their Great Glass Pumpkin Patch Sale. I have experience with both clear and colored class. In addition to the three pieces shown here, I have made countless other pieces including an elephant, a fish, a pumpkin snowman, roses, cups, mugs, bowls, plates, ornaments, paperweights, and vases.

Pumpkin (2019)

For my pumpkin, I first pulled orange cane and cut it into pieces. Then, I rolled clear glass onto the orange cane to get the striped appearance. For the stem, I blew green glass into a stem mold and attached it to the pumpkin body, wrapping the stem around a pipe, curving it with tweezers, and sticking the end directly to the pumpkin to prevent breaks while handling the final piece.

Bunny (2021)

For my clear glass bunny with accent bubbles, I first added air pockets for the bubbles into the glass with tweezers. Then I separated the glass into a body and head with jacks. I added the tail with an additional bit of glass and the ears with additional glass and a leaf crimper tool to give them texture and shape.

Gummy Bear (2022)

I created a mold of a giant gummy bear and blew a glass replica.  I added structural support inside of a giant gummy bear and covered the gummy bear with clay, chicken wire, and plaster. Then I melted out the gummy bear to get a mold which I blew glass into. This style of mold glassblowing allowed the piece to have a level of detail which would be impossible with traditional glassblowing techniques.


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