Project Overview

This is Team 28's Round 2 project of the Building Virtual Worlds class at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center! It is a room scale AR experience using Quest 2 passthrough technologies designed for a single guest. In the story, the guest takes the role of the cleaner of our building who discovers that it is being haunted by the ghosts of abandoned game ideas! The guest has to use their vacuum to suck up all of the ghosts, save the ETC, and restore all of the good game ideas

This world was built from scratch in only two weeks by me and four other teammates. The goal of this project was to create a sense of freedom for a guest and to guide a naive user through your experience with no explicit instruction.

Gameplay Overview

Introduction of guest role and story

First wave of ghosts - normal ghosts

Second wave of ghosts - faster ghosts

Final boss - spawns many ghosts

My Roles

Concept Designer

This concept was born out of my idea. I helped work on narrative and story development


I was the producer on this project, growing my skills in task management and deadlines using Google Sheets, organization, and teamwork! I provided anonymous feedback forms to my team to allow them opportunities to share anything they might not be comfortable saying in person. I also worked hard to give encouragement and show appreciation to my team, gifting ghost-themed cookies and stickers at major milestones. As producer, I organized for 14 playtesters to test and give feedback for our game over the course of our development


I was an artist on the project, sourcing reference images for the art style of the ghosts and vacuum, doing a little 3D modeling with Maya for the virtual vacuum, and creating the physical vacuum prop which held the Quest controller


I wrote the scripts and dialogues for the introduction, win and lose endings, and ghost speeches, including the boss ghost.

Voice Actor

I did some voice acting as the voice of the boss ghost!

Concept Designer 

Artist - Physical Vacuum


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