Project Overview

I volunteered for 14 hours as a parade float decorator for the 2024 New Years Rose Parade (“Celebrating a World of Music: The Universal Language”) in Pasadena, California. I worked on the Western Asset Management float (“Together in Harmony”) and the Lions Clubs International float (“Changing the World through Music”)! It was an exciting experience that involved getting hands on with the floats, working with a diverse set of fun and unique materials, and working at heights and on scaffolding! 

Western Asset Management Float ("Together in Harmony")

The Western Asset Management float depicted musical woodland creatures with real float animations! For the Western Asset Management float, I helped decorate an animated squirrel figure! I added grasses for squirrel fur and seeds and springerii for the stump. I also added roses, gerbers, and other flowers throughout the float. Finally, I helped to clean up the float area and get the float ready for official judging. The Western Asset Management float earned the honor of the Most Outstanding Presentation of the Rose Parade Theme!

The final Western Asset Management float!

Preparing roses for installation

Adding flowers to the top of the top of the float and adjusting existing flowers according to the artistic vision of the design team

Decorating the squirrel's tree stump with various natural materials

Final squirrel tree stump

Lions Club International Float ("Changing the World through Music")

The Lions Clubs International float depicted a globe with headphones and an ensemble of musical instruments. For the Lions Clubs International float, I prepared carnations for the float and added carnations to the top of the float!

The final Lions Club International float!

Adding carnations to the top of the Lions Club International float


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