Themed Entertainment Engineer

-Disney's Approach to Employee Engagement-

Course Overview

An online course taught by Disney leaders dedicated to developing skills in creating a thriving work environment and a supportive work culture. With examples from Hong Kong Disneyland, Walt Disney World, ESPN, ABC, and more, I learned all about how some of the biggest organizations in the world ensure that their employees come back every day feeling inspired and ready to make magic happen!

Summary of Course Contents

  • Disney's four pillars for employee engagement: selection, training, communication, and care

  • Methods for cultivating a community of highly engaged employees that feels comfortable and empowered in the workplace

  • Employee performance

  • Culture of excellence

  • Designing the organization's culture

    • Desired behaviors

    • Legacy of a strong culture

    • Blending different cultures and backgrounds

  • Intentional selection

    • Cultural fit

    • Candidates must have both skills and behaviors

    • Protecting your culture

  • Training

    • Incorporating culture into training (Disney University and Disney Traditions)

    • Intentional onboarding

  • Communication

    • Effectively communicating difficult messages

  • Genuine caree

  • Hassle-free workplace