Themed Entertainment Engineer

-Disney's Approach to Quality Service-

Course Overview

An online course taught by Disney leaders dedicated to developing skills in differentiating an organization from competitors and building guest loyalty through quality service. With over 60 years of experience at parks and resorts around the world, Disney is a world leader in quality customer service. This class was a fantastic opportunity to learn about all of the details that make Disney’s approach so unique and successful.

Summary of Course Contents

  • Methods for developing emotional connections

    • Internally: creating a common purpose to inspire employees

    • Externally: putting the customer at the core of every touch point

  • The achievability of exceptional service

  • Driving differentiation

  • Recognizing and rupturing stereotypes

  • Designing exceptional service

    • Guest touch point mapping

  • Examples of the Disney difference as seen in Disney Parks and Resorts, Disney Cruise Line, and Adventures by Disney

  • Principles of service design

    • Purpose of the organization

    • Understanding of the guest

    • Viewing service as an economic asset

  • Disney’s Four Keys for service (safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency)

  • Quality standards and prioritization strategies

    • Making expectations clear for both employees and customers to create a unifying company structure

  • Delivering service

    • Process, place, and people

  • Service failures and how to recover and reconcile relationships

    • Approaching situations mindfully to turn an unfortunate situation into a memorable customer relation moment